Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Welcome to my blog! 

I make paintings and illustrations in lots of different media. I found myself influenced by the daily painting movement after taking a workshop last winter
(in an unheated building to boot!) here in Western Massachusetts. 
While a lot of my time has been devoted to getting better at children's illustration, I was anxious to start painting small paintings so I could experiment and improve my painting, drawing and perhaps even try some mixed media.

I've been busy in this summer heat painting some small works using acrylics. Right now I'm working on a series Summer paintings that follow my first series, the Spring series. Most of them seemed to be flowers. But with summer comes thoughts of watermelon. In our house we get whole watermelons and cut them up although my boyfriend will just take a spoon and eat the whole thing from 
one half of the melon!

I insisted we cut some so I could a few photos. Watermelon makes me think of the warm summer sun. I wanted to show that heat hitting the slice. I also like using bright colors and just having fun with the paint. 

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Watermelon Slice
 acrylic 6x6 Gallery wrapped canvas

I think I will do more watermelon slices soon!
This is my first time blogging so hopefully I'll get this completely up and running soon. This piece will be available at

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