Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Oh how I love these last days of August! It's not the end of summer yet but it sure brings on that nostalgic feeling. These summer weeks in August usually involve visits from my kids and excursions south to visit family and do exciting things. Which meant I was on vacation more than being home and why I haven't posted until now! Though my first post was meant to be a test! 

Something else happened...as well. My painting Changing Seasons a mixed media composition on canvas was accepted into a show at the Greenfield Community Television Station in Greenfield MA! The exhibit runs from September through December 2016. A preview can be seen here  Changing Art Exhibit

This painting is kind of a masthead for my series on the Seasons. The others aren't abstract yet... but more to follow I'm sure as this has inspired some new ideas.

Here it is!

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  1. YAY! Such a lovely piece and so well-deserved.